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So easily distracted

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Several months back my printer bit the dust and I was without one until a couple weeks ago.  During that time I had to hand write all the recipes I found and wanted to try.  This is not a terrible thing, but it was very disorganized. I had recipes scatted all over the place and could never find the one I was looking for. So this morning I decided my main goal for the day was to find all those recipes on the web, print them out and put them in a binder all nice and neat.

All started out well, I had my binder, my 3 hole punch and all the hand written recipes I wanted to print. I printed a few, book is started. Ten minutes gone by and I am already distracted to the kitchen to see if I have certain ingredients on hand for a recipe that caught my eye and sounded good for supper. Of course, going to the kitchen means I see the dishes that need to be done, so I get those ready for the dish washer. When that is done I realize I have not done the laundry yet so I can’t start the dishwasher. So I head off to the laundry room, where I see the empty cat dishes that need to be washed, which leads me back to the kitchen. In the kitchen I notice the trash needs to be taken out because tomorrow is trash day. So I start gathering the trash, which takes me from room to room and each room has it own supply of “distractions”.  So needless to say, a simple task that started a 8 am this morning, is still not quite done 10 hours later.


I was able to complete one task. I finished this drawing and got it in the SBDO.

I worked on it every time I sat down, which is probably why my printing isn’t done yet. Seems like I am twice as easy to distract now days than it was a couple years ago. I will blame it on getting older like I do everything else. When you give that excuse people tend to just smile and nod. Old people get the sympathy vote all the time.








Well, I guess I should finish my book before the next distraction hits. I really want to make it easier to “Get my Betty Crocker On!”.





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