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Rescued Strawberries

My neighbor moved out a few months ago and left a small patch of strawberries. So myself and a couple other neighbors decided to rescue them from a pending weed whacker.
I replanted them in a couple small flower boxes and they grew happy and healthy, giving us lots of very sweet treats to gather daily. They grew so well it wasn’t long before the two small flower boxes could no longer hold them. Having very limited garden space and even less money I had to turn on the imagination machine and think of some place to put these darling plants.

On one of our nightly walks around the neighborhood, I noticed that one of our neighbors had replaced their bathtub and the old one was sitting in their driveway. I mentioned that it was the perfect size for the new strawberry planter and was going to ask if we could have it. My hubby wasn’t to keen on the idea but did say he could bring me home a plastic berrel that would work just as well. So I took him up on the offer.

A few days later he brought home a very nice barrel and cut it in half with no problem.


He then drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage and we put a few large rocks in it to keep it a bit more sturdy.


We then filled it with dirt and went about replanting our over grown strawberry plants.


Forgive my picture taking, but they really do look much happier in their roomy new home. So we rescued the doomed strawberries that help rescue a soon to be shredded plastic barrel, and made everyone very happy.

Well it made me very happy.



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