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My Weekend

With the weather turning to more sun than rain, I have again found my “outdoor girl” that was lost for 3 to 4 months. I love working in the yard, playing in the dirt and doing landscaping is a pleasure I crave more than candy. Notice I did not say “gardening”. I do NOT have a green thumb and I tend to kill most plants, well indoor plants. Outdoor plants I do have better luck with.

My favorite thing is to find fun things to make planters out of. That is one of the things I did this weekend.

A few years ago my darling hubby bought me one of those fancy Topsy Turvy Planters. It looked like this…..


I never much liked it after the first month or two. It was huge, super heavy, and very awkward to plant anything in and keep watered.  Needless to say, after the first summer it just sat there full of dirt, getting full of moss and a terrible eye sore. I thought about tossing it away a couple times, but I hate throwing anything away, and I just knew there was some way to make it pretty and usable again.

As I sat in the yard, I kept staring at it, and letting my imagination take over. I decided the main thing I disliked about it was the mossy old bag on it, so I got my scissors and cut it off. Now it looked like this…


Already it looked better, and I again liked it. PLUS, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. My hubby was headed to the Home and Garden Store anyway, so I told him what to get and within an hour, that silly looking pole looked like this…


Yep, I turned it right back in to a Topsy Turvy. This time instead of 1 big mossy bag, it has 3 bright colored metal pails. Each pail has 2 tomato plants in it. I got 3 red cherry and 3 yellow pear tomato plants. Easy to water, easy to move if I need to, and just a wonderful splash of color my yard needed.


So this is just ONE of the fun things I got to do on my weekend. The other things I will show you a bit later in another post. Plus I am also putting together another fun project I want to share with you.

I hope you all are having as much fun as I am!!

Dirt is fun!!


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