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DIY Stuff I like to do on my weekends

Rescued Strawberries

My neighbor moved out a few months ago and left a small patch of strawberries. So myself and a couple other neighbors decided to rescue them from a pending weed whacker.
I replanted them in a couple small flower boxes and they grew happy and healthy, giving us lots of very sweet treats to gather daily. They grew so well it wasn’t long before the two small flower boxes could no longer hold them. Having very limited garden space and even less money I had to turn on the imagination machine and think of some place to put these darling plants.

On one of our nightly walks around the neighborhood, I noticed that one of our neighbors had replaced their bathtub and the old one was sitting in their driveway. I mentioned that it was the perfect size for the new strawberry planter and was going to ask if we could have it. My hubby wasn’t to keen on the idea but did say he could bring me home a plastic berrel that would work just as well. So I took him up on the offer.

A few days later he brought home a very nice barrel and cut it in half with no problem.


He then drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage and we put a few large rocks in it to keep it a bit more sturdy.


We then filled it with dirt and went about replanting our over grown strawberry plants.


Forgive my picture taking, but they really do look much happier in their roomy new home. So we rescued the doomed strawberries that help rescue a soon to be shredded plastic barrel, and made everyone very happy.

Well it made me very happy.



Their Way and then My Way

I LOVE   ” truly”  simple Do It Yourself projects.  I often spend lazy hours searching the web for fun and interesting projects that “anyone” can do. I specially like small garden and flower bed projects.

I live in a mobile home park so yard space is very limited. I am always trying to cram a lot in to a very small space, so when I saw this stacking pot project I just knew I had to give it a try.

stacking flower pots

It covered everything I was looking for.

It was simple enough that anyone could do it.

It had a very small shopping list.

It takes up a very small space.

Plus, you can add your own touches to it. (my favorite part)


So my hubby and I took a trip to our neighborhood Home Depot to gather up the pots and the re-barb rod we needed.

My hubby decided he also wanted to make one of his own, for his beloved tomatoes. I decided on a mint garden to go with my love for tea.

After checking the pots we decided that the plastic ones would be the easiest to work with. After all, we were new to this and we both know that working with anything breakable can turn very frustrating if a mistake is made. Plastic is so much more forgiving.

Hubby's Tomato gardenAfter gathering up enough pots, plants and re-barb to make 2 stacks we headed home to start our little project.

It did not take long before hubby had his up and looking just fine.

He has 7 tomato plants in his. All different kinds also. Large to cherry.

Can you tell he really loves tomatoes?

After he got his done, we started on my mint garden.

Now the fun comes in.

I did it just like he did and it looked great.

I was happy with it and let it alone “Until”…

I got up this morning and decided it wasn’t “FUN” enough for me.

So I took it all apart (which by the way is very easy to do)

I grabbed a drill and a very large drill bit and drilled a couple extra holes. (see plastic came in handy)

Then I re-stacked my pots in a more “FUN” look.


This is my mint garden, just waiting to be clipped and used in my tea.

So, see what you can do. Easy and very inexpensive. Do NOT be afraid to add your own personal touches to it.
After all, it is called a Do It Yourself Project!!


My Weekend

With the weather turning to more sun than rain, I have again found my “outdoor girl” that was lost for 3 to 4 months. I love working in the yard, playing in the dirt and doing landscaping is a pleasure I crave more than candy. Notice I did not say “gardening”. I do NOT have a green thumb and I tend to kill most plants, well indoor plants. Outdoor plants I do have better luck with.

My favorite thing is to find fun things to make planters out of. That is one of the things I did this weekend.

A few years ago my darling hubby bought me one of those fancy Topsy Turvy Planters. It looked like this…..


I never much liked it after the first month or two. It was huge, super heavy, and very awkward to plant anything in and keep watered.  Needless to say, after the first summer it just sat there full of dirt, getting full of moss and a terrible eye sore. I thought about tossing it away a couple times, but I hate throwing anything away, and I just knew there was some way to make it pretty and usable again.

As I sat in the yard, I kept staring at it, and letting my imagination take over. I decided the main thing I disliked about it was the mossy old bag on it, so I got my scissors and cut it off. Now it looked like this…


Already it looked better, and I again liked it. PLUS, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. My hubby was headed to the Home and Garden Store anyway, so I told him what to get and within an hour, that silly looking pole looked like this…


Yep, I turned it right back in to a Topsy Turvy. This time instead of 1 big mossy bag, it has 3 bright colored metal pails. Each pail has 2 tomato plants in it. I got 3 red cherry and 3 yellow pear tomato plants. Easy to water, easy to move if I need to, and just a wonderful splash of color my yard needed.


So this is just ONE of the fun things I got to do on my weekend. The other things I will show you a bit later in another post. Plus I am also putting together another fun project I want to share with you.

I hope you all are having as much fun as I am!!

Dirt is fun!!